Water color by Abby Diamond
Water color by Abby Diamond

It’s over.

The last few lines of our chapter end here.

I close it now, in front of him… my present, but surely, not my future, all the while I stare at the photo of you and your constant trying to hold back the tears as I sit across my companion in a corner of this coffee shop where we usually meet.

I think of you now and pondered on the fact that you look good in her arms better than you ever did in mine. She’s such an eye candy, any mortal man would have been head over hills in love with her and you must be the luckiest man in the world to have wed her on this day. She is equally lucky to wake up next to you every single day of her life for you are a man who is as equally pretty as she is.

You guys make a perfect couple and all I could do in this corner is to wish you nothing but happiness.

I could not guarantee, however, the depth of my sincerity for that statement for after all these years, I still feel a pang of pain every time I see you with her, holding her in those photographs the same way you held me so many nights before.

But my jubilance is genuine, as true as the pain I feel, I am happy that you have found your happy ending.

I will be fine, I guess this will make me better than ever… now that I could close our chapter for good, I could go on smoothly with no strings of what if’s. No more could have been’s only a handful of amazing memories. I’ll keep the good one’s and leave the bad one’s.

It’s over.

Now I could finally put a dot on your chapter.


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