lovelorn kamasutra - by Mimi
Photo by Mimi Venus

Unrequited love,

So often the theme,

Of people who loves

Whomever is near.

They who gives,

Gives without thinking

Until they start lacking.

Until they have nothing.

And those who takes,

Takes without thinking,

They take until they have everything.

Allowing themselves to be showered,

Till they drown and seek refuge.

Unrequited love,

So often the theme,

Of people who have fate

But not destiny.

La Douleur Exquise

Is what most of us share,

The heart-wrenching truth

That we love so much,

Those who cannot love us back.



Is what all of us crave.

Rare, often fantasized.

Got dreamers and lovers’ heads in the clouds.

A rare reality of being loved

By someone back.

Unrequited love,

So often the theme.

Perhaps, most of us will leave this world,

Not knowing what redamancy truly feels.

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