Yours was the kind of love that I will never find. Someone can love and treat me better than you did but it’ll always be your ways that I will crave.

It was simple, uncomplicated, but, nonetheless, fun.

It will always be the kind of love I’ll crave, the kind where I love you with a certain fire that will never be set ablaze the same way again.

It will always be the kind of love I’ll look for, the kind where you love me, only me. The kind of love that sees only me in a sea of pretty faces. The kind of love that looks for me in the middle of the night whether we’re together or apart.

It will always be the kind of relationship wherein we stay out too late, too drunk and make love in the back seat of the car.

It will always be the nights we spent whispering sweet nothings in bed till dawn, singing together to the gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar and the cold Yuletide nights where we’d watch movies and walk beneath the starry skies.

Yours is the kind of love I will never find. It was the adventure I will always crave, I will always look for, no matter who’s in front of me, no matter who’s holding my hand or holding me close in cold January nights.

Nothing will be like it would ever be with you.

You are the home I could never go back to… But I am letting you go. For though I want to do all the things we did together, this time, I want to do it with someone better…

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