I don’t know with you guys, but I always thought that L’Oreal’s Color Riche collection is just absolutely gorgeous! I honestly tried to complete the reds and plums, to my disappointment, for the shades I want are always out of stock. 

Nonetheless, it won’t stop me from buying from the said brand especially now that they’ve released a new set of shades which are just as beautiful as the red, rich, and vibrant ones. 

What’s great is that, this new addition to the said collection is actually pink! Beautiful hues of pink that are made to suit the Filipina skin tone. Yes! Shout out to my fellow Morena’s out there! This is the set of pink that will perfectly complement our beautiful skin tone. Here’s the official description by L’Oreal:  

Finally, there’s a blooming pink for every Filipina skin tone! Introducing COLOR RICHE VELVET PINKS, the newest lipstick collection from L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris. Look fresh and blooming with its 7 moisture-rich velvet-matte shades, custom-made to fit every Filipina skin tone. Choose to bloom in pink everyday with Color Riche Velvet Pinks, only Php400! #ChoosePinks #VelvetPinks

Yes, that’s right! It’s only for 400php. That’s a great deal considering the quality of L’oreal products, I should know, I use their smoky eyeshadow palette and various lippies everyday at work. 

These babies come in the following shades: Camelia, Primrose, Iris, Nymphea, Jasmine, Fuchsia, & Rose Lotus. 


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