I guess I should first and foremost explain that I am not paid to do this post to promote the duo. No, I am writing this to share how much Erasure has influenced me as a person. I’m neither a musician or some sort of celebrity to be writing this kind of post, but I do wish to share how the duo’s songs helped me get through a certain phase of my life.

For all of you who probably doesn’t have a clue about Erasure, here’s a hint:

Always, I wanna be with you and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony, oh love…

If you sang instead of read that line, then you probably know about them but if you’re still clueless, they’re actually an English duo who writes, sing and play catchy songs and puts up remarkable shows. I haven’t seen them live but I’ve seen videos. They’re a synthpop duo who made famous the songs “A Little Respect” and “Always“. They have a wide range of fan bases from all sides of the globe but none that I know of here in the Philippines, unfortunately.

But that didn’t stop me from listening to their music. I’ve been listening to their songs for as long as I remember, but my personal favorite is “Always” which I also vow to be my wedding march if I ever change my mind about marriage. LOL. It wasn’t until 2014, though, that I started listening to their music more. It was after my most heartbreaking breakup that triggered me to allow a Youtube playlist go on after I listened to “When I start to break it all down” that I started to rediscover their music and I delved into every one of it for days.

I spent my days in bed if I’m not at work. I barely ran and I just slept, listen, watch and eat–a lot. Months later, I decided to put myself together and put on my running shoes. Running used to help me forget about everything, but I realized that the perfect set of music helps a lot. After my first run, I decided to put Erasure again on my playlist, every single song they have on Spotify and my next run become better than the first.

I could not explain it, but when I run, I forget about things, but when I run with Erasure on, I suddenly get a whole new kind of boost and motivation. Simply put, Erasure has helped me a lot in getting back on track in my life and I must admit, their lyrics has given me a whole new level of appreciation and standard in music, specially in terms of songwriting quality.

I was so down, depressed, possibly suicidal for months, but it was Erasure, of all the artists in the world, that helped me to piece my life together starting from motivating me to start running again. I could not explain it myself, but I guess it was their ever changing sound and exquisite song writing skills that just gets through me, that gets me, explains how I feel when I cannot find the words myself.

So I’d like to take this time to thank Erasure for the help they have unconsciously given me. Congratulations on your 30th year. Can’t wait for the next album to come out.



Featured image credit goes to PledgeMusic.

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Again, this post is not sponsored or paid to promote Erasure. I am simply a huge life-long Erasure fan who wants to share my story. Give a little respect. *wink*

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    1. Thanks Gavin, better late than never, indeed. 🙂 I just joined your Facebook group, if it’s alright. 🙂

  1. Hi !

    Thanks for your nice testimony !
    We are many Erasure fans all around the world.
    There are also 2 excellent international groups of ERASURE fans :

    I am French and ERASURE is unfortunately very unsuccessful in France. Meanwhile, I created a Facebook page for French-speaking fans, reuniting French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian fans
    I suggest you to create one group dedicated to Filipino-speaking people !

    Erasurely yours,


    1. Thank you Erwann, and it’s really nice to meet you. I’ll try to make a Philippine group and see how many Erasure fans are around. xx

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