Alright, I know there are plenty of far more worthy reads about using coffee grounds as part of a skin care routine on the first page of Google. However, for those who are still a bit in doubt or still a little clueless about the benefits of using coffee grounds as part of a skin care routine, I’m sharing my personal experience about it. And also, I am sooo excited to write about it. Ha ha.

I haven’t been doing this for a long time, and though I was aware of how it could be used as a scrub I never fully tested it until last week. Personally, I’m not the type of person who is consistent with the skin care routine that she has only developed over a year ago.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve only been using a facial cleanser and makeup remover on certain occasions for the longest time, until I learned to appreciate the moisturizing effects of serums, lotions and body gels early last year.

But even so, I wasn’t consistently putting on my lotion, I honestly barely even use sunblock. Until lately. With the bipolar weather, as younger people would call it, I found my skin getting too dry that they itch. In fact, it gets too itchy, I developed some scarring. I did ask my doctor about it and she just told me that I need to drink plenty of water and use a moisturizing lotion. But being the forgetful person that I am, I often forget to use my lotion before going to work or even before hitting the sack.

Then, just last week, I overheard two of my office mates discussing coffee grounds. I joined their conversation and found out that Starbucks is actually giving away bags of coffee grounds for free.

Now, I apologize for this gap in my knowledge, but I honestly didn’t pay much attention to coffee scrubs thinking they were expensive, until that day when my office mate handed me a bag to try.

It is actually meant to be a fertilizer for plants, as part of Starbucks’ aim to support local plant growers and farmers.

I was excited to use it so I googled the various uses of coffee grounds. I tried practically everything. I tried it on my face, my lips, and my entire body and the next day, I mixed a tablespoon with my favorite conditioner and it was—DIVINE.

Now, for the face, though it made my skin look fresh, energized and moisturized, I thought it was too coarse and could probably do more damage than good. So I tried using it with coconut oil to make it less rough on the skin.

For the body, I haven’t tried mixing it with coconut oil, but I guess it was okay. It didn’t hurt at all compared to when I put it on my face. The effect was similar to my face. It moisturized my skin, made it a little firm, glow and lessened the appearance of cellulite, which was my biggest problem next to my stretchmarks (I’m a huge girl).

Now on the lips, I think I like the coffee grounds better than sugar scrub. Whether you mix it with coconut oil, petroleum jelly or just the grounds itself, it works perfectly. I have been having really dry lips lately, and the coffee scrub took that away with just one wash. Check the pic. Sorry I don’t have a ‘before’ photo. But you can clearly see that my skin is smooth and my lips plump and not dry.

When it comes to the hair, I didn’t believe what I read online at first. One article said that it would soften and make the hair shinier when mixed with one’s conditioner. It even promises to enrich the hair color of natural brunettes. I was reluctant but I tried it anyway. I mixed about two tablespoons of conditioner to a tablespoon of coffee grounds and rubbed it from my scalp to the tips.

Normally, when my hair is drying up, it has this rubbery texture due to the damage brought by coloring; I don’t use a hair dryer, I actually never learned how to do it LOL, I know, you can roll your eyes again. So yeah, I let my hair dry naturally as I go to work and it would always look so dry and at some really hot days, it would look frizzy. But with only one wash using the coffee grounds and conditioner concoction, I was really surprised to find my hair moisturized, soft, and shiny!!!

In conclusion, I have found a cost-free Holy Grail skin and hair care product. All I had to do was go to Starbucks, after all. Who would’ve thought? LOL.

I’m not exaggerating. Try it for yourself.

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