I’m drained, not only with all the energy I had left in me but all the love I have left to keep.

I am not the person I was when I met you, naive with all the hopes that she could change you.

Today, I stand here with my feet firmly on the ground. I’m prepared to finally, after all this time, let you go. It doesn’t seem or feel hard right now as it used to, long ago when I first intended to leave you.

I guess people do come to their senses, it only took me a while, but like them, I did. You were more harm and very little good. Someone I can only pass the time with, spend the night if you feel like it. But definitely not someone whom I could call a constant or a future.

You work in ways no ordinary mind could comprehend, I tried to, I did understand completely; however, some parts of you are too cryptic that even my wide array of understanding could not cope with it.

It seems to me that you have drained all the good in me. Challenged me to be the devil at times, bring out the worse and suck out what’s left of my happy memories of you.

I’m not saying that I had been the perfect partner, I knew I had my own complicated ways, sometimes, perhaps, it’s too difficult to be around me but I did my best to be humane; yet your words and your ways kept me constantly at bay. I never felt this low, shallow and cheap all the same time.

Never in my entire life would I also have believed the existence of fictional creatures. Not until today that I realized that though you are human by flesh, you’re but a Dementor sucking the life and happiness out of everyone around you.


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