A Love Letter…

Dear love,

I have been thinking about you for the longest time, wondering where you are and what you’re up to. It’s funny, cause I haven’t even met you nor seen your face, yet I believe that wherever you are a part of you thinks of me, too. Damn, I can’t wait to finally meet you.

But like the healing process I’ve been through, I know that the reason you’re not here is that you’re healing, too. I’m sorry if I can’t be with you right now to hold your hand as your heart tries to mend. But believe me, it will all be worth it. Everything will be okay.

I hope you’re ready when we finally meet. I hope you’d hold my hand, for I have been wanting to feel that sensation people say that you’d feel when your hands intertwine with your soul mates. I want to feel that tingling sensation run down my spine when you wrap your arms around me and bury your face in my hair. (I hope you’d like the smell of my new shampoo.)

I hope you’d surprise me. I’m not a fan of expensive presents, but a stem of my favorite white rose and a love note would do. I’d leave you notes, too and I’d learn to cook for you in return.

I hope you’d take pictures with me and of me as we embark on various adventures together or perhaps, take a photo of me sitting in bed, wearing your shirt, smiling over the cup of coffee you got me. Take pictures with me, will you? I want to fill my walls with our memories. I wanna see our faces through all the years that we will spend together.

I hope you’d also be patient and kind with me as I’m not really easy to live with. I can be moody, annoying, and I have the tendency to be condescending and weird, or I might belt out Celine Dion or Whitney Houston in the shower in an ungodly hour just because. I also crave for a glass of brandy or scotch every once in a while, a habit that I have since I was 16. I hope you won’t mind, and oh, I like my scotch on the rocks. Let me know how you’d like yours & I’d learn how to make it.

I hope you’d like my friends, too and join us for a drink, karaoke or in band nights. I also hope that you’d introduce me to yours, I would love to meet them all and hang out with them. You can have them over when you watch the finals, and I’d be more than happy to fix you guys a snack and beer.

I hope you’d always be true to me, as I will be with you. Know that I am your best friend and you will be mine, too. May you find a way to court my family when the time comes as I will be doing the same thing for you.

I hope you’d trust me, value and respect me for that is all I could ever offer you aside from an unfading love, above all things. May you be accepting of my values, virtues, and beliefs… I am a modern day gypsy and that’s not something conventional but I hope you’d love me just the same as I would love you, no matter what.

May you fall in love with my quirks as I fall deeply in love with yours. May you not mind if things get boring and monotonous, especially when I’m too absorbed with a book or if I just don’t feel like talking. Know that if you do need to talk to me, I am always willing to listen and give you my full attention.

I could care less about the clothes you wear, your choice of cologne or your obsession with manly stuff, or whether you’re a dog or cat person… just hurry home, mon cher… I can’t wait to spend my days with you…

Tu me manques.

Je t’aime.
– M

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