I don’t love you

But I would like to make love to you

I want to look deep into your eyes

Peek through your soul

As you look back in mine


I don’t love you

But I would make love to you

So hold me close, I’m yours tonight

It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong

Or if this is right


The world knows nothing

Of what we are

This moment is but fleeting

Let’s pretend that this means something

For tonight only

Let’s pretend we know each other

Like you’ve known her so well,

Like I’ve known him, as well

Let’s give it our everything.


For so long, even with the distance between us

Our minds have met, our words have woven an image

That only we can understand

The world knows nothing about this, about us

Let’s keep it this way

As we continue to play

As the moon graces our little secret.


Look me in the eye as our hands intertwine

As our bodies unite

I don’t love you

But I would make love to you

Pretend we’re in love

And tomorrow,

I’ll leave you behind

And forget that for one night

We have been in love.

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