To this day, I still think of you.

I still dream about you, of all the things that could have been and all the things that I could have done with you. I think of all the places we could have been to.

You came in swiftly, I wasn’t even sure if I were ready, and though I never truly found out for sure, I still feel the pain brought by your sudden departure…

Lately, I have finally opened up about you… How it all happened, how you came in so swiftly and left me. To be honest, it took so much courage to tell her about you. I couldn’t go into details as everything went by in a blur. One moment, I have been surprised but happy, nonetheless, and the next… I went blank.

Wide awake as I might have been, but my mind went into oblivion. It might have been painful, I no longer remember but I remember the hole that was left in my heart when they told me that you were gone.

To this day, I still think of you. But it has been a long time since I told another soul about you.

I still dream about you… Of what you could have looked like, what you could have been doing at this moment. Would you have been waiting for me to get home? Would you have been named differently?

I could but only wonder of all the good things you could have brought in my life… But as I looked back into it, maybe things have gone the way they did for the best.

And though I never had the chance to see you or hold you, I still miss you. I could only but wish that you’re watching over me and over him…

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