I have to stop myself from creating and replaying scenarios in my head.

I know how I’ll never be in those realistically painful reels receiving a smile from you, watching you laugh from the passenger seat again.


Those are stock images and videos you and I made not so long ago pasted in a frame that could have been but never will.

I will never hear from you, nor will I still try to reach out. You were the biggest blessing I’ve received so far but that’s that.

But I shall write about you and remember you; of how you turned my life around and made me feel like I’m home for the first time.

Though we barely touched, I would never forget how much of my heart and mind you held in the palm of your hands. Perhaps, two people are sometimes meant to cross each other’s path in this life and share love for a few days then separate.

Like all things, you were never mine, to begin with; like all things, you were temporary though you made me eternally happy.

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