Dresses and Rompers and where to get them…

Not a lot of people know this, but I am actually a huge fan of clothes. Back in my college days, I used to always wear rompers whenever I go out of town cause it gives me the mobility I can’t get when I’m wearing plain jeans. I used to own a bunch of rompers back in the day and worn them whenever I travel, especially in beaches.

But somehow, along the way (and a couple of pounds later), I withdrew from rompers and went on to try dresses when I began teaching, cause it just seem right to look a bit more formal, right? Well, yeah… However, I’m not into skimpy clothes given my curvy type of body, so I tried to mix and match long skirts with other pieces from my wardrobe and found out that maxi-dresses are cool as well.

In fact, recently, since I have fallen in love with my fitness routine all over again, I’ve decided to give myself some treat and that is to work hard in my running shoes for me to fit into rompers and fancy max-dresses again.

I must admit this is quite a dreary task, but I’m willing to work for it and tried inspiring myself by randomly searching for online shops who have gorgeous rompers and classic maxi-dresses.

There are a LOT of online shops out there who have good designs, but my personal favorite will be StyleWe, in all honesty. They have an amazing and classic collection of not only rompers and maxi-dresses, but also sportswear and shoes!!!

Alright, so I might have gone a little ga-ga over the sportswear, too as much as I did with the maxi-dresses especially the pic on the left side. I personally loved the bohemian theme of that dress, I feel like it’s something that you could wear at the beach, at work or at a party. And talking about bohemian inspired outfits, here’s my personal favorite from their rompers collection (see pic on the right). I am definitely putting these on my wishlist.

Speaking of StyleWe, another thing I discovered about the company is that they do not only sell fantabulous clothes, but they also have a YouTube Channel that you can check out. They have reviews and tutorials which feature their collections so customers could have some sort of a spring board on how to kick up their outfits.

So if you’re looking for inspiration from clothes, check out StyleWe.com and their YouTube Channel for more cool updates.

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