As I walk this old familiar road where we used to walk hand in hand after making love in the wee hours of January, I realized how much I miss being held close by someone I could actually call mine.

I miss the late night talks I used to share with the person whom I could start a future with. Someone to drive around in the middle of the night just because we couldn’t sleep. The chance of seeing someone smile genuinely because of me is just as priceless as the clear, starry skies hovering above our heads.

Yet, as I slowly swirl into an ocean of nostalgia, I’ve come to my senses. Life is better for me now, though it may sometimes be lonely. Why? Well, I’ve traveled enough, met enough people, learned sooo many lessons and loved myself better.

And though every now and then I’d stop by this old road to reminisce, I’ll continue moving forward to a new set of memories I could someday look back to.

I continue to pray that someday soon, I’ll have someone to hold again. Someone whom I could walk this same road, whom I could call mine, see smile and laugh and kiss me beneath the starry skies above.

But right now, I just want to bask in this puddle of a once upon a time and remember how much it made me smile.

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