On Forgiveness…

I haven’t thought of you in a while, but last night you popped into my dreams. For some unknown reason, you were there, smiling at me and holding my hand.

We were in some sort of an old castle which kind of reminds me of Meatloaf on Anything for Love. There was some sort of a ball, and there was this grand staircase. We were standing at the bottom waiting for people to come in…

Suddenly, the ballroom was filled with people and I found myself sitting on a windowsill staring blankly in the distance.

When I looked back, there you were at the top of the staircase, looking down at me with some look in your eyes that I could not fathom until I saw her move closer to you. A face I never knew but nonetheless, I knew, I just knew that she was the one you’re with.

Then you looked at me with eyes that seemed to be telling me you’re sorry; and even though you never had the chance to tell me in person or even in my dreams that you are, I forgive you.

I forgive you for leaving on a whim, for not calling back, for not explaining why you no longer want to see me.

I forgive you and I want you to know that forgiveness doesn’t always require an apology. You’ve done me no wrong, perhaps leaving without a word was your way of hurting me less and I only have two words left for you… thank you.

It was nice to see and hold you in my dreams.

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