I’ve always been a fan of straightening my hair.

In fact, when I was a lot younger, I would ask my mom to straighten my hair because I wanted to look like Cher from the 70’s. (Please don’t judge, I’ m a HUGE fan.) But it wasn’t always easy cause for some reason after getting a perm at 13 (terrible idea!) my hair never grew the same way again which made it harder to straighten it. My mom would spend hours trying to fix my hair before I can go to school looking decent and without my hair flying in all directions due to a bad perm that damaged my hair.

And when my hair got better, I made another terrible move and had it curled at a local salon. However, I rocked those curls throughout college but I guess old habits have a way of coming back and now, I wanted to have that natural looking straight hair again but lacking the luxury of time these days, I decided to look for options.

Lately, I’ve been seeing hair brush straighteners but I was a bit reluctant thinking it must not work cause my hair is not naturally curly but after a thorough research, I found this site with this infographic:

It honestly answered practically all of my questions about fixing my hair without going through the hassle of actually trying things out and not succeeding. Knowing that I have options makes it easier for me to purchase a time-savvy tool that could help fix my hair without taking too much of my time. Go ahead and check out the infographic above to see if it could help you out as well or visit this site instead.

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