That’s right! For a few hours, my beloved blog has been compromised by some Turkish hacker.

I was informed by a friend via email that someone hacked my blog, so I went on to check it. To my dismay, it was indeed hacked; I panicked. I didn’t remember the last time I exported my entries or did an entire site back-up of my blog.

I sought the help of my web host, and they were really helpful in removing the page uploaded by the hacker, changing passwords, restoring email accounts, and databases. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to recover all of my files, so I rummaged through Google Drive and my email to check if I was able to save a recent XML of my blog.

I was really losing hope, thinking that I would go back to square one with nothing but a restaurant review from my Zomato account. So when I found a backup file (April 2017) in my email, I nearly jumped in relief. I wasn’t able to restore all the photos, though I might try to fix it all (if I can) sometime in the near future. As of now, everything seems to be running the way it was. Just need to re-install a couple of plugins, and re-connect certain accounts.

I’m just glad the worst is over. Time to hit the sack!

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