Coffee Book is located along Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. I went there yesterday with some friends I met at Artsy Cafe. I met some new friends too and had a blast. The cafe’s interiors were more of a restaurant type than the cozy and comfy cafe type that I was expecting. But true to its name, they have two tall built-in shelves filled with books of various genres perfect for bookworms.


Now to the best part: FOOD.

Coffee Book serves cakes, cookies, and muffins. They also serve snacks, pasta, and rice meals. As for beverages, they have (of course) coffee served hot or cold / over ice, milkshakes, and tea.

For starters, I ordered Salted Caramel Latte with an extra shot of espresso (Yes! You can request!) then we were served a platter of Chicken Nuggets and Potato Chips. It was pretty simple, and straightforward. It’s not over-the-top delicious, but good for snacking on while hanging out with a friend, or while reading, or while working on a paper.

Next was the lasagna with garlic bread. To be honest, I liked their lasagna. It was simple and the sauce wasn’t too strong, everything just came together. But I believe that a good lasagna should have good cheese (or cheeses, is that even a word? lol) which I believe the dish served lacked a little of. Nonetheless, it was good and I would really recommend it for people who wants to try out Coffee Book.

Then we were served a slice of their S’mores cake which was truly sinful, in my opinion. It wasn’t too sweet like the S’mores I’m used to, which makes it even more indulging.



Next were a series of rice meals and a pasta. We had tapsilog, longsilog, Cajun chicken, and a pesto pasta. The rice meals aren’t exactly top-notch, to be even more honest, I find the tapa a little too salty for my taste but it could be different for someone else.

The sausage was actually good, reminds me Jollibee’s breakfast sausage, while the Cajun chicken wasn’t exactly as I expected. It was okay, but not as smoky and spicy like what I’m used to.

The pesto pasta, while good, was a bit too creamy for an herby flavored dish. It was also mixed with tuna making the basil almost just a color of the pasta itself than its flavor. Nonetheless, the dish was good.



Lastly, I had one of their huge cookies which was an MnM cookie with one side dipped in chocolate. The cookie is chewy and moist. It’s delectable! This is probably my most favorite part of this experience at Coffee Book. I find that their desserts are actually irresistible, and delightful.

In my opinion, aside from their enjoyable beverages, desserts are the best thing on their menu.



I would recommend this resto-cafe for those who would like to try it. Honestly, it is worth the time and money, I think that this is a good place to hang out with friends over coffee, and for students who want to study or research as the cafe not only offers affordable food and drink but also free wifi.

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