Ban Be Ca Phe, Antipolo

Ban Be Ca Phe is a Vietnamese-Filipino restaurant located at Upper Antipolo. This charming space is just a few meters shy from Robinson’s Antipolo and offers very affordable Vietnamese dishes. The cafe, technically, has three parts: a veranda, and inside a dining area at the right side and a traditional Vietnamese sitting area on the left side, which, in my opinion, gives so much Kumbaya vibes. LOL Kidding aside, I find the interior both creative and unique. I went here last May 27th with my mom to have lunch.

I haven’t had breakfast yet when we got there, meaning, I haven’t had my morning fix. So the first thing I ordered is their signature Vietnamese iced milk coffee, otherwise known as Ca Phe Sua Da. It was served in a glass with a layer of condensed milk and topped with a classic Vietnamese tin coffee drip. You’d have to wait for the coffee to fully drain before pouring it in a taller glass with ice. It was both fun and delicious. Did I also mention that it only costs 65php? Oh, yes! It’s relatively cheaper than the other Vietnamese restaurants I’ve been to. My mom ordered a tall glass of Honeydew Lemonade which costs 85php. It was refreshing, according to her.

Then we ordered a serving of Hu Tieu Xao which is a stir-fried noodle dish with a twist. Instead of vegetables and tofu, Ban Be Ca Phe’s version is pretty similar to a Filipino dish we are all familiar with. Generously topped with carrots, lettuce, onions, meat, and squid, this dish will totally remind you of a classic Pancit. It’s good and costs 110php. Not too bad, in my opinion, but I find it quite typical Filipino than Vietnamese.


We also ordered Bun Thap Cam (150php), Goi Cuon (90php), and fried Goi Cuon — which could totally pass as Lumpiang Shanghai. Bun Thap Cam is a bed of vermicelli noodles topped with meat and vegetables. Ban Be’s version was a rice noodle base, topped with vegetables, tofu, meat, and peanuts which I find a lovely combination. Goi Cuon, also known as Vietnamese spring rolls, is well… spring rolls packed with vermicelli noodles, shrimp, and lettuce. Ban Be’s spring rolls are actually very delicious and satisfying, I highly recommend it. Oh, and yes, the fried version, which only costs 110php, was generously packed with vermicelli noodles, carrots, and ground meat. It’s addicting.


Lastly, we tried both of their chicken (130php) and tofu sisig (100php), and I’m so glad we did. If you’re a fan of the dish, you should definitely try Ban Be’s sisigs. They’re not only reasonably priced and delicious but also generously portioned.


I am more than satisfied to have dined here at Ban Be Ca Phe. Their food is delicious, I wouldn’t say exactly too authentic but each dish was done with a twist that makes it special. Not only that, their staff were really attentive and nice to us all throughout. This place is perfect for a lunch with family or friends, or to hang out in the evening with friends over a bucket of beers at their veranda.

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