Nowhere Girl Vlogs | Visiting Jam 88.3

I’ve been meaning to vlog for a very long time but decided against it though I continued to shoot every now and then. Plus, it means another commitment for me to come up with more ideas to feature which is gonna be a real struggle considering I live a pretty boring life.

I was also worried about the editing, cause I suck at it more than I suck at producing content but then again everything takes time and practice and I don’t really intend to vlog to gain a wide range of audience. I just basically want to have a visual record of whatever I think is interesting going on in my life and to have some sort of extension of my blog.

Who knows, I might use this platform for far better things in the future. I’ve no idea what that or those will be, but I’m hoping I’d find a better purpose to vlog. LOL. Please try to understand.

So for my first vlog, I visited Jam 88.3’s studio at Strata, Ortigas Center with my friend Aaron to watch and show support to his friends, Hide Nothing – the band featured on the radio show. This was taken last May 10th. This is really short, and so will be my succeeding vlogs, but that might change in the future. For now, here’s what I have.

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