I’m distancing myself from you.

From every glance, every smile, every sound of your voice, reassurances, and most importantly, your touch.

I want to stay away from it all, knowing too well that, as always, it is a one-sided love affair that has somehow caught me and is slowly encapsulating me.


Not again.

I no longer want to conceal my love for anyone, and love them from the backdrop.


Not again.

So, I’ll say it out loud.

I’ll tell you that I love you, constantly, but mean it in the most innocent way. A platonic kind of way.

I’ll shower you with small doses of attention and affection, just enough to express this growing fondness but I will avoid your eyes. Dodge those glances and those light squeezes.

And maybe, just maybe, through my attempts at being vocal and at staying away will make this feeling eventually fade.

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