Happy New Year!

WARNING: Extremely long and text heavy post ahead!

The holidays proved to be quite a challenge for not only did I spend it (almost) all by myself but also because work has somehow taken over the time I wish I could have spent with my second family, my best friends.

Although the last two weeks consisted of terribly busy work weeks, it was also filled with parties (No, I did not attend the office Christmas party again this year.) with friends and some work friends from out of town. I would have liked to recount each party and post photos and description for each event but I guess the days wherein I had the will and the sense of urgency to blog about each party sailed away ages ago. I will still be posting photos of my December though cause that never left me.

Well, to be honest, I don’t know what to make of this post. I guess I just want to write about how thankful and blessed I am to still be able to write this post. Some sort of a reminder to myself that I made it through another year, a year which proved to be my most busy year yet. (I’m not counting the years I spent in school because this year).

I’ve done so much cool and not so cool things this year, and yes, I’m just about to list them all down to join the cliche wagon and also because I’m too sentimental.

  1. I spent the start of 2017 in the hospital with my family. My dad had a surgery to remove a tumor in his colon (pardon me), it was more fun than it sounds. We may be at the hospital as the clock struck 12, but we were all together, that’s what’s important.
  2. I was able to buy all the books I have been dying to get my hands on since I was little. Includes Lolita, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Phantom of the Opera, and some Fitzgerald. It’s a big deal to me, okay? Just proves that I worked hard to be able to afford them.
  3. Went camping and went on a road trip riding a motorcycle all in 24 hours. Plus, I went to work that very same day! I was like an hour and a half late though, not proud of it but it was so worth it, I swear!
  4. Kicked off my year with live music as well. I went to Makati Circuit with my good friend Desiree to meet with an old friend over a couple of drinks with Southborder playing in the background. I got so drunk that night, I didn’t even remember how I got home all I remember was the terrible hangover I got the next morning for having a little too many Red Label.
  5. Met up with my bestie, Jaycee, after a year of not seeing each other. She made Dirty Shirley to celebrate our reunion as we marathoned the original Star Wars trilogy.
  6. Got to know my workmates even better, and found a brother in Aaron, AKA my Alipin/Esclavo. He’s the brother I never wanted but I have now anyways. LOL Kidding, he’s one of the surprises I got last 2017 and we went on to do stupid things together.
  7. Spent Valentine’s day with my mom in her car lol and we shared a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine.
  8. I also spent Valentine’s night with my good friends from work at Cable Cars. We really dressed up for the night, I even bought a dress specifically for this gathering. LOL It was fun.
  9. Participated in a (somewhat) surprise party for another of my work brothers’ 30th birthday party.
  10. I began going to the Laundromat and started to do my own laundry.
  11. I ate far too many Korean food and drank too much wine this year than I did my entire life.
  12. I bought a laptop! Using my own money! And installed the Sims 4… I don’t think I need to write more of it.
  13. I got a really good part-time job and although it was exhausting it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2017. I quit around the third week of December though to focus on my full-time job, nevertheless, my part-time job helped me a lot financially this year.
  14. I went on too many dates with my mom and I’m glad I did.
  15. My online love interest tried to reconnect with me multiple times this year after months of not texting him back. While writing this, we’re in a good place, though I can’t promise that I will not have the tendency to not text him back again in the future. I have issues…
  16. Went on a vacation with my mom in Ilocos last summer! We rode a 4X4 on the Sand Dunes and toured the rest of the good old North. It was a dream come true to be able to spend a vacation with just my mom.
  17. My college couple friend got married last summer, and I was one of the few witnesses.
  18. I started vlogging! Although I haven’t posted anything new in months, I never stopped filming videos. I’ll focus more on vlogging this 2018.
  19. Went to Jam 88.3’s studio with Aaron to watch his friends play live on air. This was my vlog’s first episode!
  20. I met my high school best friend’s fiance for the first time.
  21. For Krissie’s 27th birthday celebration, I invited them all over at my place to swim, have pizza, and a slumber party.
  22. I went on too many foodparks, and became a ZOMATO foodie! Yep, my good friend Kevin signed me up and brought me along to review restaurants and a foodpark. I wish I can join the foodies again this year.
  23. I cut my hair really short.
  24.  I climbed a mountain and reached the summit!!! This has got to be one of the best things I’ve done, and probably my biggest physical achievement of 2017. I climbed Mt. Paliparan in Tanay, Rizal with my workmates which was about 562 MASL. Amongst all the mountains I climbed my entire life, it was the first time that I actually trekked to get to the summit and not just take the shortcut to a waterfall which what would be just a side trip.
  25. I tried learning how to ride a bike at 24. Krissie and Aaron tried to teach me, although Krissie tried the hardest. I still didn’t learn… but it was something. LOL
  26. Checked out the most popular food park in my city with Gerald, my bestie.
  27. I tried dressing up really well every now and then, I learned how to wear cute dresses confidently regardless of my weight.
  28. I tried Plan:Eat program and although, I enjoyed it, it was too expensive for me to keep. Too bad. Maybe next year again?
  29. Went to Baguio with my teammates to meet our counterparts and worked there for two days. On the third day, we went to La Union ala-Amazing Race to have our team building. Mind you, the ocean hugged me like it missed me. I missed my grandpa terribly during this trip though.
  30. Went on a side trip to San Fernando, La Union with my teammates before boarding a bus back to Manila. It was an adventure, and I felt extra fortunate for speaking the local dialect pretty well.
  31. Came home just in time to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We went to church and had dinner at some Korean restaurant in my city.
  32. Went to Baras, Rizal for Aaron’s brother and friend’s birthday bash! It was one of the most memorable events of my 2017. I’m on a summer break from my part-time job and this is what I did that very first weekend. I got home at around 6am, drunk but happy.
  33. Went on too many beer nights with my work family/teammates but my most memorable was the one where Aaron, Eila and I had dinner at Mr. Kabab’s in Pearl drive and went to Kapitolyo Brewing Company to try a couple of locally brewed beer. It was pricey but worth every penny.
  34. Went crazy singing karaoke on Fred’s 30th birthday at Music Match in Timog.
  35.  Hang out far too much with my bros Fred and Aaron.
  36. Watched an indie film premiere in UP Cine Adarna with Krissie, Melvin (her boyfie), Johans (my favorite hoe), and Aaron. We went to UP AyalaLand Technohub after to have Hummus and Pita for dinner at Mr. Kabab’s.
  37. Watched Up Dharma Down at Saguijo Cafe in Makati. This was the third time I saw them play live in 2017 and every time I watch them I always ended up in awe. This was also the night I met Arnon, Aaron’s college friend. We went to have SEx (Sinangag Express you dirty whores!) after the gig.
  38. Finally saw Hale play live again sine 2009! They are my most favorite OPM band in high school. Saw them play live again at Vista Mall, Antipolo which is, I kid you not, just front of my mom’s house/resto.
  39. Hung out with Johans and Krissie at my place. It counts, also we tried a Tequila flavored beer called Claro.
  40. My work friends Misael and Ivory got hitched last August. I fucking cried as Ivory walked down the aisle and I swear, I tried to control it. I have officially realized that I am sappier than I claim I am.
  41. Met with Carmen after over a year. I am godmother to her son, Angelus. We had coffee and caught up a bit.
  42. I finally got a cake for my 25th birthday thanks to my work family!
  43. I began a segment in my vlog with my office bestie, Krissie, wherein we filmed a coffee review.
  44. Threw a big ass, crazy birthday bash with Aaron! Although I was drunk in tiredness than in alcohol, I could say that the party Aaron, Eila, and I threw was a blast! People were dead drunk and wasted, I swear.
  45. I finally got the chance to talk to my crush during the party, and we talked from 2am (roughly) until sunrise.
  46. Hung out with Krissie and Johans again at Mr. Parks over a huge ass bowl of Bing Su. Hanging out with Johans always counts as a highlight.
  47. One of my most memorable nights of 2017 happened when Aaron brought a bottle of Black Label and I tried teaching him how to drink it properly. We had a major Blonde moment in popping the ball on the bottle though… we had to fucking Google how to pop the ball. Also, Aaron’s face always shows disdain right before he takes a sip of the fine whiskey.
  48. Took Aaron to my favorite diner place in my city the morning after.
  49. Participated in dress up Tuesdays at work, lol. Although it was only for our department, I’m glad I did. It was fun.
  50. Went to watch bands play live with Eila, Al (Aaron’s brother), Aaron, Fred, and his girlfriend Jen at Route 196 in Katipunan. Made me realize how alive and beautiful OPM still is. Rob and the Hitmen got me that night.
  51. Went to Cubao Expo with Aaron, it was my first time.
  52. Had my apartment slightly renovated. I now have a mezzanine, it will be my sleeping area once it all done. So far, only my books and wood scraps from the construction lay there.
  53. Went on a weekend getaway to Zambales with Ge, Jaycee, Ge’s mom and sister. We stayed at Crystal Beach resort in tents and went on a minor hike to get to a waterfall. It was a much needed creative retreat for me, to be honest, and although I wasn’t able to write right away, I was able to clear my head and took pretty portraits.
  54. Finally had the guts to ask my crush out to join us for drinks and although I find him cute I really wanted to be friends with him and nothing more. He’s a really good person with a sense of humor as weird as my friends and I have.
  55. My crush invited me, Aaron, and a couple of our friends at his place. I met his sister and had the most fun that week. I also realized that I don’t like him like him, I realized that I just really wanted to be his friend cause he seems the type of person I should be friends with. Is that weird? But yeah, he’s not my crush anymore. LOL
  56. I began drawing and painting again… well not exactly painting with a brush. I got creative with a q-tip, canola oil and pastels. I drew/painted an elephant and a flamingo. It wasn’t so bad, I mean a kindergartener could have done better but it wasn’t so bad.
  57. Went to Cubao Expo again, this time with former crush and his sister, Aaron, Fred, and Jen and Arnon. I bought myself a BB8 KeepCup and browsed records and cool pop-culture merchandise before finishing around a bucket of beer and realizing I was still sober as hell. LOL
  58. I WATCHED THE LAST JEDI with Ge and Jaycee!
  59. I FacedTimed with my love interest for the first time.
  60. I skipped the office Christmas party to see my family before they left for Bangkok, and met with my new friend Jeco to hang out at my place and smoke.
  61. I finally took really good pictures of Aaron in a leather jacket.
  62. I finally got myself a record player, a Hall and Oates LP and an Erasure LP. 
  63. I FaceTimed my love interest on Christmas day (well, Christmas day on his side of the globe) for four freaking hours.
  64. Spent Christmas on my own listening to Family Man on my record player and downing a bottle of red wine.
  65. Had a post-Christmas eve celebration with Eila and Aaron at my place.
  66. I found out that one of my friends, Jeco and Reene finally got together! YAY! (I get excited okay?!)
  67. Threw a karaoke party for my work family and our Baguio counterparts at my mom’s restaurant.

I was working New Year’s Eve, along with Dino and Aaron. I guess the no-traffic and fewer people thing was something really good to experience before the year ends. It has been what I  can call the craziest year I have had so far and although I spent my New Year’s alone again, I honestly am pretty okay with how things are going in my life.

I must admit, I have financial problems coming my way this year, but that’s something I will try my best to work on with my mother. I may still not have a boyfriend, technically, but I guess it’s for the better for how things worked out for me last 2017, it would have been crazier if I have someone else to think about.

I do not wish for a boyfriend anymore, I guess I gave up on wishing and hoping that I’ll ever be in a relationship again. 2017 has taught me to fully let go of those who broke me in the weirdest way I could imagine, and although I might have done things I’m not proud of (I didn’t list it above) still, I’m glad things happened the way they did for I learned how to easily pick myself up from the ground the moment I fall.

This year has taught me to always get back up and walk one step ahead than get up and stay like I did for the past couple of years and I’m proud of myself for being strong enough to finally move forward. Farther than I have ever dreamed I could.

I pray that this year will be filled with even more adventures and learnings and that I will continue to be stronger.

Te Deseo Feliz Año Nuevo! Que año tan increible sin duda, no? 

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