Why Free Dating Sites Are Great

We live in the time and age where we do practically everything virtually, and this is no phenomenon but I’m pretty sure the internet has been primarily invented for it. But perhaps, the internet is known to everybody as a ground for meeting new people making it one of the most successful methods of dating over the last 20 years or so.

I was so curious about it when I was younger, so I tried it too just for the sake of knowing how it is like to meet strangers online in a romantic way that isn’t at all like meeting people on Craigslist. I guess I was just a curious teenager back then, so I dropped it eventually.

But in the last two years, I’ve dabbled in online dating using a few online dating websites my best friend suggested. She met her fiance online, too and since I’m curious (once again) of who I might meet, I decided to give it another try.

However, I was devasted to find out that to be able for the algorithm of a certain dating website to find me a better match, I’d have to pay for it. Some sites even gave limits as to how many people I can talk to. I’d either have to wait for a couple of hours or spend a hefty amount of money just to send messages or to connect with other people.

It was not only a waste of time but was also a waste of money. So I stopped. Again.

Until last year. While recuperating from an unsuccessful romantic rendezvous, I’ve decided to give online dating one last try only to be disappointed by paid features again. At that moment, I’ve decided to hunt for a free dating site. I figured that meeting someone online must never come with a fee, I mean, think about it… the internet is for everybody to use and to access and to pay for services like an online dating site is ridiculous.

In my opinion, a lot of single people who are into online dating will really benefit from free dating sites, not only will it help them save time but it will save them a couple of bucks, too. Not only that, free dating sites are advantageous because a lot of people will most likely sign up for a free service rather than a paid online dating site. In turn, a larger database means a lot more options for singletoons to choose from, which will likely increase their chances of actually meeting someone with the same interests.

To be honest, I used to hate dating sites because it doesn’t always come for free, and I thought that I’d never meet anyone unless I pay. But having found a couple of free dating sites, I figured that even if I didn’t become successful on the love department using that method, I met a lot of great people who became good friends eventually and that is why I think free dating sites are great.

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