In this golden age of technology, one might say that only younger people can benefit the most from the wonders brought by the internet. This, for one, is not true even in the world of online dating.

Sure, dating apps and websites are only (statistically) used by people below 40, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used by older generations. Senior dating is picking up its momentum recently, and the online dating world has never been the same since then.

People who are older dating online is not as cringy as it may sound like. It might even be worth a few long “aww”s fr some people. One good example was my good friend’s aunt who met her 63-year-old husband online. She was 46, with three children and divorced, while her husband was a widower with two grown children.

Their love story was unlike any other, for not only did they meet online but they dated online for several years till they finally decided to take it to the next level and meet in person. Soon after meeting in person, three years after they met online, they got married and moved to another state.

Criz, my good friend’s aunt, has three children from her first marriage. She was divorced at only 33 years old and lived her life away from any romantic relations. Danny, her new husband, has two kids with his former spouse who died of Cancer when they were only 45 years old.

Danny became interested in the internet back in 2007 when he began uploading his music on MySpace and got involved in several dating sites since then. He claimed he had met many women but was unsuccessful for their lack of common interests and goals. He also claimed that the reason behind this was because he was meeting much younger women back then.

Luckily, he signed up for a dating website which demographic consisted mainly of people over forty years old. To his surprise, he began meeting women of similar interests, but it was Criz who caught his attention the most. He said that he felt more comfortable talking to her compared to the other women he chatted with on that dating website. Criz also admitted that she felt the same way but did not really raise her hopes that high given her experience in online dating.

But alas, they hit it off and began talking about the future together. Their future together.

They dated online for three years, sending each other care packages with things from their own cultures and traditions. They said that doing so only made them more interested in each other more, one of the main reasons why they decided to finally meet in person and eventually they got married.

It was, as most people would say, a successful online dating story. It may not be true for most people but guessing their maturity and their goals in life at that certain age really helped in developing their relationship and making it a successful product of online dating.


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