It’s no secret that I’ve dipped my toes in the online dating pool a long time ago. It wasn’t like it was consistent or anything, to be honest, I’ve tried several dating apps and sites such as Match Me Happy but didn’t continue as I didn’t believe that something good would come out of online dating or meeting prospect boyfriends online.

However, during that period of my life, I met a guy named Eddy — a Puerto Rican in New York, studying to be an engineer. We instantly became friends having the same interest in music and aesthetics in general but only a few weeks after meeting him, I stopped talking to him. The exact reason is now lost like a needle in a stack of hay, and all I can remember is that he tried so hard to reconnect with me for over a year.

I liked that he really wanted to pursue some sort of friendship with me, I honestly really appreciated that. The thing about me was that I don’t believe that anything would happen to whatever relationship that we have back then. I guess I expected so much from what good thing we had. So the cycle continued, we talk, I stop texting back, he tries to get back in my life until one Christmas season, we really did hit it off.

We were Facetiming all the time, updating each other about each other’s lives. The thing about online dating is that sometimes you have to look at it as more than just a platform to find a prospect boyfriend. That’s exactly what I did, I┬áchanged my perspective, told myself that I shouldn’t expect more from it, and just let things be.

That was when Eddy and I officially became best friends. Changing my perspective into what our relationship should become really helped a lot in getting to know each other and made me realize that there’s more to free dating sites than what people like me usually expects from it.

Eddy is a genuinely good man. He was honest with his intentions and it made me humble down a bit and allowed myself to be well–just me. I allowed my thoughts to flow through to share with him and he did the same, we were vulnerable in each other’s company but in such a way that we didn’t have some toxic type of friendship.

It’s really funny how people from far away could feel closer to one’s heart despite the physical distance. Eddy will always be a huge part of my life, not only because we developed a good friendship when we were both looking for other things, but it also is a successful online dating story that just didn’t have the same ending as others’.

We both believe that our story is just as successful as those who are romantically involved. Ours, although platonic and totally bro-ish, is something definitely worth keeping for a lifetime just like those that ended in marriage or long-term relationships.

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