The world had to be cruel for me to appreciate you. Though the life I’ve lived over the years taught me to be scared of having someone like you, I couldn’t deny that yours is the kind of love I have always prayed for.

I am not a religious person, but I prayed for this.

I prayed for you.

Ours is a love that does not invalidate each other’s past; it does not judge, nor does it criticize the person we were before today. In you, I have found a genuine friend, a partner, beyond the budding romance. A friendship I never thought possible to have and a love I thought I’d never ever find.

Yours is a dream I gave up on but you’re giving back to me. You make me fear the good things you want for us to share but at the same time, you make me dream for other than myself again.

I was never a morning person, but you’re the reason I wake up every day since you came; it’s you that I get off the bed and make coffee for, and I hope to do so for as long as we’re together.

The timing was just right… I have healed, all my broken pieces are no longer scattered on the floor, my heart has mended, and so has my mind. I guess I have been impatient, yet I still found you amidst all that shrouds my vision, you were there all along patiently waiting.

Sometimes, while you’re asleep when the sun is just peeking through, I’d look at you and ask myself how have I deserved something I have only written about… It is a mystery to me now, and will always be as such for years ago I have only written about all the things we’re doing, I have only dreamed about everything you’re saying, I could only think of the bleak possibility of it all happening yet–here you are.

Here we are.

Sharing the same bed, sharing the same dreams, sharing a home.

I have lost all dreams of ever sharing those things with another person for a really long time, I have struggled to share the same dreams with anyone before but with you… everything just eased in. I don’t feel the overwhelming happiness I usually get in a new relationship, which is usually temporary but with you, falling in love doesn’t feel like falling.

It feels more like coming home.


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