I have long since buried whatever dreams I might have had when I was a lot younger.

Over the past few years, I’ve come to the decision that I’ll just live alone in a small cottage surrounded by a vegetable garden, chickens, cats, and a dog while I sip coffee by my window, reading a book, as an age-old record blasts from a cracky record player. But the events that transpired over the past year made me realize a dream bigger than that…

I have written about it so many times before thinking that it will never come. But… it finally happened.

In that house I dreamed about, where my garden grows lushly, chickens, cats, and dogs would run around, as I sip coffee from my Beatles mug while Hall & Oates play in a cracky record player, a man will stand in the kitchen making me breakfast.

The other night, that man asked me to be his wife.

A dream has reawakened.


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