Tim and I went to see Jurassic World last weekend at Ayala Feliz.ย The movie was great! As usual, I cried at some parts and it kept me on the edge of my seat all throughout. I want to talk about specific scenes but that would be spoiling it to those who haven’t seen it yet.

So, I’ll just say this: I’ve been a fan of this franchise for as long as I can remember, and this (seemingly) last addition to the series really sealed the entire story. It has always been my go-to movie whenever it’s raining, I’m sick, or if I feel blue. That goes to Star Wars, too. But I haven’t fully understood Star Wars till I was about 12 or 13, so for the longest time I sought solace in Jurassic Park and with the latest installment, I have a new addition to my rainy day/sick day/lonely day movie list.

Tim haven’t seen a single Jurrasic movie. Ever. I was shocked when he told me as we were heading out of the cinema last Sunday. I stopped in my tracks and looked at him in extreme surprise and wondered what kind of childhood he must have had without dinosaurs. I might have overreacted a little too much, but I was just so surprised. The Jurassic Park series has a cult following and it is a Spielberg classic, I thought most people in the world has seen it… My grandparents saw it, the first movie and The Lost World! So you could just imagine my surprise when Tim told me he hasn’t seen a Jurassic movie in his life.

Moments like this made me realize how different we are in so many ways. I’ve always thought my childhood was boring till we reconnected and got to know each other better. I then started thinking that he missed out a lot by not watching popular films or reading popular books — or you know, by not reading at all.

This bothered me for a while and I felt the need to catch him up with around 20-25 years worth of movies that was why when we got home that night I downloaded all the Jurassic movies and the entire Harry Potter series for us to watch this weekend. (Side note: I accidentally downloaded Jurassic Park III but I won’t let Tim watch that crap. LOL, We’re gonna skip ahead to Jurassic World after A Lost World.)

Then, while watching season three of How I Met Your Mother, it hit me. He has never seen the series before and now it has become a part of our daily lives as it used to be for me. He insisted we watch the series together after we finished watching Young Sheldon and it formed a new way for us to connect and just like that, slowly, we’re bridging our connection even stronger.

This might have sounded too shallow, but believe me, it matters and if there’s one thing I’ve learned this week, apart from going out on a rainy day is a bad idea, it’s that differences don’t have to be frowned upon. Instead, it must be accepted as some form of a channel to bond, a learning experience and in our case, getting to know each other better through pop culture.

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  1. Feeling ko din napagiiwanan na ako sa mga pamangkin ko kaya bilang tita, nakikijam din ako sa kanila, kung ano uso, at ano mga trends ngayon masaya din kasi masayahin silang kasama.

  2. Nagiging senti ako when i read your blog post. โ˜บ well, so true naman talaga. Feeling ko ganom naba ako katanda? Wahahaha

  3. ibang iba na talaga kasi ang genaration ngayon๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  4. Gusto ko din makapunta dyan at makakita ng dinasour at makipagselfie sakanila hehe

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