Today, Tim and I met the wonderful Pastor Jun Colis who’s going to officiate our wedding in two weeks. It was never in our plans to choose a pastor to marry us but we don’t have much options if we wanted to push through with a venue wedding.

If Tim & I could have every last detail of our wedding to ourselves, we would choose the courthouse and a mall buffet for the reception. But we live in a place where the culture is different. We live in the type of culture where families make such a big deal of weddings and our families are like most.

They wanted to throw us a bigger wedding than we wanted. It’s not exactly a very fancy type but at least it’s out of the courthouse, has a proper program, and we can choose the music we like.

So we all agreed to get a pastor to marry us if we can’t get a judge out of a courthouse and that we did. So we met Pastor June. Today. Shortly after lunch. At a Starbucks…

To be honest, we were both very nervous especially me. I tried to hide it but having big expressive eyes doesn’t really help that much to conceal that nervousness.

Why was I nervous?

Well, for one I’m not the most religious person in the world. Between Tim & I, he’s the more into that “Let’s go to church on Sundays” type (though it may not be obvious–highly unlikely, some people might even say) and I–well, let’s just say that church isn’t really my thing.

It’s not like I’m the anti-Christ type. I believe in God, having been raised and baptized as a catholic. I was even a catholic school product till college. However, I’ve never been too enthusiastic about religion, or religious practices even though I studied the bible for a couple of years.

Add to that the fact that Tim & I live together despite of only been in a relationship for a couple of months.

Having said all that, I feared that Pastor Jun would not agree to officiate our wedding. I feared the probable rejection and judgment… for a while there I thought that Tim and I should just opt to see a judge and get married in the courthouse or something.

But Pastor Jun turned out to be really friendly and warm which made Tim & I relax a little. He made us feel comfortable almost right away as we discussed the program of the ceremony and some other legal stuff that we needed to know about.

After our meeting, we were able to breathe a little more and we both realized that our wedding will be really special. More special than we intended it to be.

Planning a wedding sucks a little. It’s crazy. It makes you crazy. But knowing that our families support our decision and that a really good man is going to officiate the ceremony, we’re positive that everything is going to be worth it.

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  1. Wow ang lapit na ng wedding day nyo, nakakaexcite naman! ☺ congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

  2. Papalapit ng papalapit ang inyong kasal naway maging masaya ang araw na yon para sa inyo. Congrats

  3. Wow!! Congratulations In advance and Best wishes po… Welcome to the family!!

  4. Congratulations in Advance
    Best wishes to the both of you

  5. Nakakakaba siguro po tlga kapag ikakasal o kahit pinaghahandaan palang. Sana maexperience ko rin ang ganito.

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