I’ve always been a corporate-life-loving type of person. The corporate jungle has been my haven over the last six years or so and though I’ve hit several rocks here and there, I always thought that it was fine. I never imagined myself working from home again at least not full-time. But certain life changes made me choose the life I’m living these days.

And to be honest, I’m loving the new life I have. I don’t feel like a soggy piece of bread being dragged from the bowl of eggs and milk to the pan to be turned into toast. I no longer get thoughts that I want to skip work because of traffic, and probably the best is that I no longer feel as much anxiety over the last few weeks since I’ve decided to quit my office job.

It wasn’t the easiest decision to make, and if you’ve been following me on social media and if you’ve been watching my vlogs, you’d know exactly why. I left behind a handful of people that I love as much as I love my family and leaving the corporate world meant leaving them behind… the people who meant the world to me.

So you can just imagine how depressing that was for me, but I realized that they’re better than I thought they are. They’re the best people I’ve ever been with, and they never fail to prove that to me by accepting me and my decisions no matter how rash and illogical it might have been to them.

These days, I spend most of my time at home doing freelance writing gigs and tutoring a couple of neighbor’s kids as I prepare for my upcoming wedding to Tim. I have far more free time in my hands now which I learned how to manage well; I realized how much I matured as a person when I compared my life as a home-based teacher 6 years ago. I didn’t manage my time well, and I wasn’t as independent┬ábefore which was why I felt suffocated being stuffed at home all the time.

So yeah. These days, I get so many things done and still work with ample energy and motivation. It’s nothing like feeling like a soggy toast and I love it. A lot of people may not like the idea that I’m working from home, but that’s alright. People talk all the time and nothing and no one can stop them, but I am genuinely happier here.

I am truly at my happiest.



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