The last two weeks came by so fast.

A lot has happened as Tim and I prepared for our wedding. We even got to the point wherein we momentarily lost sense in what we’re doing as we thought that nothing was coming together. But eventually, slowly, things started falling into place.

We’re so exhausted from everything, and we’re not even done yet. Yet, we still feel so blessed with the suppliers that we were able to team up with as well as our friends who unexpectedly volunteered themselves to help organize our wedding.

In the beginning, we thought we’d be able to do everything on our own. We have never been so wrong. No matter how hands on we were in our preparation, we admit that planning a wedding needs more than two pairs of hands.

There were so many highlights in our wedding preparation. From finding our caterer, to changing venues at such a short period of time while juggling work and meeting with friends in between, you’d wonder how we were able to keep ourselves sane.

I guess the secret is that Tim & I are just naturally equipped with the right amount of crazy. Here are our prenup photos to prove that:

Photos were taken the other day at Antipolo town proper by our good friend Jun Fabila. This was the only wedding task that didn’t feel like a chore, to be honest.

It was such a fun, crazy, and very candid shoot despite the fact that we were only able to squeeze it in an hour due to the terrible weather but we love every pixel of it.


In two days, Tim & I will say our vows. I am so nervous of everything… though I’m not expecting it all to be perfect, I just hope that everything would flow nicely.

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  1. Very cute and ang cool lang may pa pulis pa hehe:) sana all may pa prenup at wedding hahahahahaha

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