We’re Married! (+ wedding photos!)

Tim and I officially tied the knot over a week ago during a simple ceremony at Villa de Rio Resort in Hilltop, Taytay, Rizal surrounded by our close family members and good friends.

It was very different from what we initially planned to have. So different from the courthouse/Vegas wedding of my dreams, and a bit far from Tim’s dream of a church wedding. The reality was a garden wedding and to be honest, it was full of flaws.

From the catering to the decoration, the program line-up, my wedding march (Always by Erasure if you’re wondering) and even down to the doves that are supposed to be ten balloons to commemorate my late grandfather on his birthday (which was also the day of our wedding).

Perhaps, there were many other things that didn’t go as planned and guests might have been able to notice them or blatantly point it out. But as far as Tim and I are concerned, it was a good party and we were blessed with reliable suppliers, who, despite the short notice, was still able to deliver on time and made our wedding extra special.

Ours was not the best, but it has its own charm and character in such a way that most of the elements were really “us”. Nothing pretentious, even our vows, our wedding photos would prove that to be true, which by the way were taken by our really good friend Jun Fabila.

Come see our wedding photos:

Here are photos from the ceremony and the party: 

Our wedding day was made more special by the little things that were not done conventionally like how Tim got his shoes from a local thrift/consignment store, like how I did my own makeup and so many other things that might take me all night to write about. Haha!

Regardless of how it turned out, we wouldn’t have had it in any other way and now that the wedding is over, and our marriage certificate has been filed, we can once again focus on furnishing our small flat and begin having coffee in the morning again.

I guess it’s safe to say that things are starting to go back to normal, where the amount of crazy is controlled by just a cup of brewed coffee.

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