We Went to Lyger Zoo!

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Tim took me to Lyger Animal Sanctuary in Pililia, Rizal shortly after our wedding. We initially planned to go there months ago, but the wedding preparations got in the way.

In fact, we haven’t gone on a road trip in weeks prior to our wedding, so when he woke me up one morning earlier this week and told me we’re going to the zoo, I had to get up quickly no matter how early it was.

It was quite a long drive, even when we were coming from Antipolo but when we got there, every minute on the road was worth it. I’ll tell you later in this post the transportation instructions and suggested budget, but first, here are photos!


Tim and I both love animals, but honestly, when Tim mentioned that there will be a tiger feeding attraction, a part of me wanted to postpone the trip. It’s not like I’m scared or anything, I love cats in general and I think larger cats are even adorable. I mean I could potentially be a sumptuous lunch for them, but that’s not why I was worried.

I was more worried about the possible fact that there may be so many visitors all the time that the baby tiger put on display may have been overfed. I’m not some animal rights activist, but I try to not get myself involved in animal abuse. I know it’s quite ironic because I somehow support zoos even if they call it an animal “sanctuary” these days, perhaps it’s that little part of me that believes that zookeepers still actually care about the animals on display.

However, when we got there, there was only one other family in the zoo, the gatekeeper said that it’s doesn’t really get too crowded inside especially on weekdays and the caretakers were actually very keen on cleaning the animal enclosures not once did I see an animal bathing in his own dung the entire time we were there.

The entire park wasn’t too big, but it was clean so I was a little relieved. I know I’m not some animal expert and that we don’t know exactly what happens when the park gates are closed, but I’ve seen abusive and temperamental zookeepers in the past even with visitors around. So I am glad that the zookeepers at Lyger are actually really nice and sweet even to the wildest of animals in the park.


As I previously mentioned, Lyger wasn’t too big so it only took us less than an hour to go around the entire park. Shortly after, we decided to grab lunch at a local cafe called The Daily Beans Coffee Lounge and Restaurant which served an all-day breakfast selection, mouthwatering cakes and pastries, and good coffee. They also have quite a huge covered outdoor patio that can be used for parties.


Tim and I usually splurge on food when we go out on our dates and to be honest, I was expecting our bill at The Daily Beans to be more than 800php but everything we ate (some are not in the photos sorry) only costs around 649php! This made The Daily Beans my favorite cafe instantly! LOL

Okay, now as I promised:

How to Get to Lyger Animal Sanctuary

If by personal vehicle: You can Waze it. If you’re coming from Antipolo, just go straight down to Teresa, Morong, Baras, Tanay, and Pililia will soon follow.  If you’re coming from Cainta, you may drive through Taytay, Binangonan, Cardona, Morong, Baras, Tanay, and finally, Pililia.

We highly suggest taking the Antipolo route. It’s quite a lengthy drive, but it’s lengthier if you take the Cainta-Taytay, Etc., route.

Along the highway, you’ll see the Daily Beans on your right side five to ten minutes before reaching the sign pointing to Lyger Animal Sanctuary which will be to your left.

If you’re commuting: If you’re coming from EDSA Crossing, board a jeepney or a UV going to Tanay, Rizal along Starmall or EDSA Central. Get off at Tanay town proper, board another jeepney going to Siniloan, Laguna and ask the driver to drop you off in Pililia along the highway junction and from there you can ride a tricycle going to Lyger Animal Sanctuary.

If you’re coming from Cubao, you may take a jeepney or a UV going to Antipolo. From Antipolo town proper, take a tricycle going to Shopwise. You may need to get to the other side of the road (landmark: Red Ribbon/Santiago’s Furniture Shop). Board a jeepney, UV, or van going to Tanay. From Tanay, board another jeepney going to Siniloan, Laguna and ask the driver to drop you off in Pililia along the highway junction and from there you can ride a tricycle going to Lyger Animal Sanctuary.

I do apologize, but I no longer remember the fare rates from these areas, especially for tricycle fares as they differ from each town. But the entrance rates to Lyger are as follows:

  • Adults and children above 7 years old – 200php
  • Senior Citizens, PWD, and children aged 2 to 7 years old – 160php
  • Toddlers or children below 2 years old are free to enter the facility

I hope I was able to help a little. Let me know in the comments down below about the transportation fare rates so I can edit this post in the future. (wink)

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