I haven’t written a line of poetry for months,

Not since I found the man I married.

I might have written him a poem

On a tissue paper from a local cafe…

But that too was long ago.

Since then, this heart and this pen,

Are no longer bursting with pain.

I am free of all burdens

No trace of heartaches remain.

But like all sad alcoholics in the world,

I am (some sort of) a poet.

Inspired by failed romances,

Entranced by missed chances…

So where do I begin to write again?

How could I write about a love

That is pure, unending?

When all I knew

Was to write about a broken heart that isn’t mending?


I honestly I haven’t written a single line of poetry in months. Perhaps that’s the reason why I kept accepting sponsored blog posts. I’ve kept this blog for years, through all the heartbreaks and losses, this blog remained my constant and so lately, I’ve been thinking… Perhaps, I might need to write poetry or short stories, or essays again.

But where do I start?

I’ve kept this blog for years and it held my deepest of heartbreaks and despite that fact, this blog triumphed as a lot of people were able to relate to the things I’ve written.

And now that I’m over all those men and heartbreaks, I feel like I’m re-learning how to write again for all I know to write about are of loss and heartbreak. Of a failed romance… missed chances…

So bear with me as I do my best to re-learn how to write. As I do my best to write from a happy and full heart and not from one drowned by alcohol in solitude.


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