I don’t understand how I feel.  A part of me has given up on you completely, but the other half is still holding on to

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All the songs you ever sang to me, all the songs you played for me, and those that we sang together, is all over the

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I’m sorry for getting mad over petty things. I guess I’m just used to being a priority for so long that having to fight for

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Remember Me.

Years from now, I wonder, when you’re in the arms of another, will you still remember my name? Will you ever look back to the

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Martyr Mantra

Love is involuntary. You could never choose the person you will come to love, and no matter how crazy things get, you still can find

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Dream-like Reality

I had a dream last night. I dreamed I was walking beside a long, tall wall when I heard a voice behind the wall. I

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Mimi San Juan
Mimi is a freelance writer and social media manager traveling the northern part of the Philippines with her husband and two kids under two. When she's not writing, Mimi enjoys reading Haruki Murakami and Anne Rice, crafting the BEST iced coffee, and watching Gerard Depardieu and Jeff Goldblum's entire film repertoire on repeat.

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