Moonlace Salon

I’ve been trying my best to keep my mouth shut about this for weeks but since it opened today, I guess there’s no point in

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That Billy Joel Song

Remember that dayWhen for the first timeYou have to go awayYou said it won’t take longYou’d still come home Remember that dayWhen we hopped on

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The Way I Love You

#OneOfThoseNights #MidnightPoetry No matter where you areNo matter who you meetOr who you’re withAnd no matter how you run awayAway from meYou’ll realize andYou’d have

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This Same Road

#OneOfThoseNights #MidnightPoetry Remember how we used to walk  this same road together? Side by side Hand in hand In the wee hours Of a weekend

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Musings of a Young Poet

#OneOfThoseNights #MidnightPoetry  And then, Poe said,  “…love with a love that is more than love.”  And so I did.  And though I have loved generously,

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Leafing throughRandom photographsCaught in a wisp Of nostalgiaI find it a bit amusing How possible it isTo feel the same old feelingBy only looking throughA

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I am an Artist

We’re all artists. It doesn’t matter what you do, what your craft is.  Whether you’re good or bad in it, no one should be able

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All Nighters

June 6 is a Korean national holiday which means no work-day for us teachers, it also means we have a long weekend ahead and we

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Mimi San Juan
Mimi is a freelance writer and social media manager traveling the northern part of the Philippines with her husband and two kids under two. When she's not writing, Mimi enjoys reading Haruki Murakami and Anne Rice, crafting the BEST iced coffee, and watching Gerard Depardieu and Jeff Goldblum's entire film repertoire on repeat.

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