Paninap Beach Resort, Quezon

To mark our first month of marriage, Tim took me on a day trip to a beach in Tignoan, Quezon last August 19th. We’ve been planning to go to a beach for the longest time even way before we began dating (LOL) but it was only on our first month of marriage did we actually do it.

I was in such a bad mood because he woke me up so early in the morning. I literally had to bring a pillow so I could get comfy and catch a few more winks in the car on our way there. It’s not like I was not aware that we were supposed to go somewhere that day, he did inform me two days prior after failing to keep it a secret from me. Haha!

I was able to prepare my things the night before, but my God! Why is it so hard to get up before 10am? T_T As you may or may not know, I’m not a morning person but I am trying so hard to wake up early in the past few months and in case you’re wondering, I’m failing miserably.

Anyway, Tim and I stopped over at a local roadside canteen in Pililia for breakfast. The trip to Pililia didn’t feel like a long time, perhaps it’s because Tim and I are almost always in the area. LOL But the real long drive started only after breakfast.

Tim and I talked about the most random and mundane things on our way to Tignoan but it was a good conversation no matter how arbitrary and peculiar it might have gotten. For example, the long stretch of an empty road inspired me to write an apocalypse story. I have drafted and deleted several apocalypse stories in the past but I might just finish the one I was able to come up with on our way to Quezon.

Weird as it may, Tim and I enjoy brainstorming our plan to beat the odds in the moment of a zombie outbreak. HA HA HA HA! It was such a fun car ride that I wasn’t able to sleep on our way there, I just sat there on the passenger seat with my seatbelt on, clutching my pillow, feeling ever so comfortable. I wished the car ride never ended but glad it did anyway as we arrived in Paninap Beach Resort shortly after 9:30AM.

I was expecting the place to be crowded or something, forgetting the fact that it’s the low season. I was so pleased that there were only a few people in the beach that day, it felt more relaxing than I was expecting. What’s even better was that Tim knew the caretaker as he used to go there with his former workmates so we were able to scout a discount and even a freebie.

Initially, guests must pay around 50php for parking and 300php for the umbrella-type cottage by the beach, which was the one Tim and I availed as we wont be staying too long. There were private huts that costs around 1500php to 2000php a pop but since Tim knew the caretaker quite well, we were given one for free and our parking fee got lifted because of the lack of guests that day. Had we decided to stay overnight, we would have a very comfortable place to sleep in.


We literally did nothing there at Paninap. We just had coffee and ate pan de sal as we lounged by the beach, we took like a 10-minute half-body dip in the ocean but showered shortly after lunchtime.

It may be such a short stay for a long trip but it was worth every minute. I always love and cherish the beach as I spent most of my childhood with my grandparents in their house by the beach; I will always be an island girl at heart. To prove that, here’s an old photo of me on a boat taken by my beloved grandmother. LOL


I’m so glad Tim took me to the beach to celebrate our first month of marriage. Here’s to hoping for more trips like this! Cheers!


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