Samgyeopmasarap, Greenhills

After a long ride to Pasay for a business meeting, Tim and I decided to grab something to eat at Greenhills to celebrate the success of said business meeting. We were brainstorming for almost half an hour as we tried to find a parking space, it was astounding how crowded it was that day, forgetting the fact that it was a Sunday. LOL.

For some reason, I had a strong craving for Korean food that day so we decided to try the unlimited Korean barbecue place above Tim Horton’s or something but to be honest, we were a little scared that we might have to wait for a long time before we could be seated as what usually happens in places like that. But it seems we got there just in time. We were ushered and accommodated by their friendly staff as soon as we got in.

We ordered their unlimited pork barbeque for 399 and their unlimited beef barbeque for 499 just to get the best of both worlds for about more than a hundred pesos less. Haha! It includes the lettuce and a hefty set of appetizers which consists of Kimchi, baby potatoes, pickled onions, fishcake, and more. I think there were about eight side dishes that came with each meal package so our table was filled with them making it practically impossible to not feel full after a few bites.

But as you can clearly see in the photos below, Tim and I are food warriors.

It was both a joy and a regret (but in a good way lol). Everything tasted good, but we might have ordered too much that we weren’t able to finish our fourth serving of meat. LOL

I guess the only downside was that it was a little difficult to call the attention of their staff. It may have been the noise or the growing crowd, but for a time we waited for our rice for almost 20 minutes and only after we asked another wait staff for it. But they were all so friendly and polite so we were able to let that slip. Overall, the waiting time, service, and food were all good. I’ll definitely go back and even recommend this place. I’ve posted my review on this restaurant on Zomato, in case you’re wondering.

We were so full that we had to walk around for over an hour pretending that we’re looking for something when in fact we’re just too guilty for eating so much in one sitting. For a moment, Tim looked me in the eyes which seemed romantic from afar, but what he whispered was comical. “This isn’t right anymore.” referring to what we just did. HA HA HA HA!

We did manage to actually look around and even thought of shopping for a few pieces of clothing but Tim decided against it so I just got two books from Booksale. We decided to leave over an hour later stopping by at Krispy Kreme to buy doughnuts for my in-laws, it was also a good excuse for me to get coffee and a glazed doughnut. Who says one is too full for dessert? 😂

If eating is generally a sin, then I’m pretty sure I have a penthouse apartment looking over central park in a New York version of Hell. LOL

What about you? What have you been craving for lately? Share it with me in the comments below. 🙂

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