Shawarma Snack Center, Ermita

I spent my birthday lunch here last September 11th with Tim as location no. 5 of 6 of my 26th birthday celebration. Tim has been talking up this place to me for months on end. He first dined here with his best friend last year and he hasn’t stopped talking about it ever since. So I finally decided to cave in and gave it a try. I really thought that it was going to be extra expensive but it really wasn’t.

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Lunch time!

For starters, I ordered their hummus for roughly 150php (not quite sure but not more than this), it comes with 2 large pita breads which I assume they make themselves as they’re selling them by the pack at the door.

We then tried their chicken biryani platter which costs about 360php. It’s already good for two persons, maybe even three as it’s really huge. The Basmati bursts in flavor! It was so good and it wasn’t like anything that can only be eaten by extremely taste adventurous people.

We also ordered their beef shawarma which costs about 260php for 3 pieces. Such a steal, in my opinion. Each wrap was packed with cabbage, onion, and so much beef which was seasoned well and were not only cut up nicely but was also tender enough so you can easily chew it.


If you have been following my blog since my last food review you would know that I was so disappointed in the last Middle Eastern restaurant Tim and I went to, which the owner and chef said was Medditarenean… Okay, so in some ways, it is Medditaranean but their food was okay, it wasn’t too good nor too bad, except their Shawarma which was too bland, their ancestors would throw it in the Red Sea for some flavor and geographic accuracy. So I was just extra happy that Shawarma Snack Center really delivered in terms of taste, price, ambiance, and authenticity.

For its price, taste, serving size, and service I must say it’s all worth every penny. (Our bill didn’t even reach 1000php!) Thank you, Shawarma Snack Center for the great service and amazing food. Will definitely go back.

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