Hunchos, Conception Dos, Marikina

I was browsing through my photo gallery, clearing out old ones, when I found several photos from a place called Hunchos in Marikina. I remember going there with my mom when Tim and I were just started dating and I also remembered that I meant to write a review about it in my old blog but I guess I got busy and forgot all about it.

Seeing the photostream made me a little nostalgic.

See, I’ve lived in Marikina alone for several years before reconnecting with my now husband, Tim. He moved in with me in my studio apartment for several months before we moved to his hometown in Cainta prior to our wedding.

I love Marikina for so many reasons, like all the crazy stuff I did with my best friends and all the nights we stayed up and ate and looked for hangover cures in the morning along Lilact st., but mainly because of the food — actually, the themed cafes and restaurants in particular. There are just so many of them I’ve tried over the years that I decided to share a couple that I could still find in my photostream. Let’s start with this one, Hunchos.

I’ve been meaning to check out Huncho’s for months but it was only one spontaneous evening several months ago that my mom and I tried it. I remember being so tired that day, so  I guess its fun-looking and inviting artsy Mexican exterior was the one that gracefully dragged us inside and made us crave for burrito the moment we walked in.

The place wasn’t so crowded when we got there, but seeing the other customers’ tables made me realize that people who go there don’t just eat one or two dishes. Most of the tables are full with mouthwatering dishes and upon seeing their menu, I understood exactly why. They have a really good selection of dishes that are affordable for its kind.

We ordered their beef burrito (because come on, why wont you?) which costs 190php, chicken quesadilla priced at 160php but is already good for sharing, shrimp camarones which comes with mojos that costs 275php also good for sharing, and my most favorite off their menu: Churros con Chocolate for only 80php and yes, it’s also good for sharing. Sorry about the poor photography, but I swear the food looks better and are bigger in person than in pictures.

Each dish is worth each bite and price and the staff were also fast, attentive, lively, and polite even when the restaurant became almost full. This is a place worth coming back to and worth recommending for not only its quality of food but also for its price and service.

Kayo ba, do you like Mexican food?

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