Episode 00 – Why am I here?

Hey there! I started a podcast. Finally. 😅

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Welcome to the Conversations Over Iced Coffee podcast – a show for your ears on life, career, motherhood, friendship, and more. I am your host, Mimi San Juan. I am an English as a Second Language teacher turned Social Media Manager. I’m a wife, a mom, and I drink a little too much iced coffee which can get me going for a while. 

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Hello, hello and welcome to the Conversations Over Iced Coffee Podcast, my name is Mimi as you’ve heard from the intro and this is episode zero. 

That’s right. Episode zero because this is too long to be a trailer and too short to be a full length podcast episode. 

So you’re probably wondering what this show is all about really? I mean, the intro says it all but somehow it’s still kinda vague, right? Well, let me start off by giving you a proper introduction of myself and how I came about doing this podcast. 

I am an English as a Second Language Teacher turned Social Media Manager. I have been working from anywhere I want since 2018 although right now, I just work at home on my dining table because, hello! Coronavirus! I hope you’re safe by the way. 

Anyway, I have been married for a little over two years now and my husband, T, and I, we have an 8-month old baby. Let’s call him D.

And honestly, I didn’t see myself living this life. You know? 

I have always been a career-driven person with a love-hate relationship with—well, romantic relationships. And I’ve always been the type to put my career and my love for friends, music, coffee, and booze over anything else. I’m not even very family oriented, although I love my siblings to bits. There’s no doubt about that. Actually, they were the only reason why I go home to my mother’s house while I was living the ultimate singleton life for five straight years. 

So yeah, marriage and motherhood are thoughts that I’ve long buried at the back of my head for several years. So when I announced that I was engaged in May of 2018, everybody flipped. Like…I got mouths hanging loose type of reactions. No kidding. 

It was just so surprising for everyone as I’ve always been against marriage being the ultimate tangible definition of love. Although, you know I still think of it the same way. But of course I have my own choices, and other reasons. So I’m here.

Also, it came as a really big surprise because I’ve always been a strong supporter of divorce. I still am. Which by the way, is still not possible to have in my country. Bummer.

But I digress. 

You get the idea. 

I have a lot of inconsistencies, which you might find relatable—I hope.

Sometimes, I still find myself adjusting to having a partner and having this life away from the life I had when I was single. So I thought of chronicling it through blog back in 2018, but that was something I lost interest in when I got pregnant last year. Quite a bit of story that is probably worth its own episode. 

I don’t know maybe I was just lazy or I had severe mental block of some sort. Talking is easier, you know? And I find editing audio tracks kind of fun so, when I was editing podcasts for clients, somewhere along the line I was like — huh. This is a fun project I can do, right?

So here I am. 

But don’t worry, you won’t just hear me all the time. When I get the courage in the near future, I’ll be inviting people to talk about relatable situations, too. Such as a major career shift, relationships, motherhood, and more. 

Bottomline is, I’ll share as much relatable content that you can probably learn something from. 

Alright. Now before I roll in the outro, please follow me on Instagram my handle is @mimisanjuan Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging on episode zero. No, I’m not apologizing. 

Okay, bye. 

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