It’s over. The last few lines of our chapter end here. I close it now, in front of him… my present, but surely, not my

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Wake Up

When is the best time to wake up? I honestly have no idea whether I should get up and leave this bed, or stay here,

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Undercover Lover

Let me stay in the back Let me watch you from here Allow me to love you this far Let us fade… Fade into the

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Road Waltz

  I turned back to look at you as I was crossing the road. One. Two. Three. I silently counted, inside my head. I tried

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Here I Go Again

Here I go again. Watching our old videos, Scrolling through our old pictures. Listening to all the songs you sent me. How long has it

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Mimi San Juan
Mimi is a freelance writer and social media manager traveling the northern part of the Philippines with her husband and two kids under two. When she's not writing, Mimi enjoys reading Haruki Murakami and Anne Rice, crafting the BEST iced coffee, and watching Gerard Depardieu and Jeff Goldblum's entire film repertoire on repeat.

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